Agristar adheres to strict environmental guidelines and we are firmly focused on striving for more environmentally friendly farming methods and the reduction of our carbon footprint. This includes developing tree nurseries close to our farms and manufacturing our own compost. Our trees get only the best of care, with a minimum impact on the environment.

Using the best soil management practices, water conservation technology, and integrated pest management programs, we tread lightly on our environment.

Pest management is an integrated process and we have found through regular scouting, reactive management and encouraging a balanced ecosystem we keep intervention to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

In addition to our integrated farming methods, we continuously remove alien vegetation for our natural fauna and flora to thrive.

All our farms have indigenous wildlife reserves to support the wildlife in the area. We also have a programme to plant more indigenous trees to further conserve the natural environment.


Pollinators are the farmer’s best friend.

The ailing bee population has been widely publicized, yet there are very few steps being taken to stop this decline. We know that without our pollinators the agricultural industry will cease to exist. Therefore, we implemented our Bee Management Programme.

We manufacture our own beehives and have installed over 200 hives on our farms. To support our bees, we plant bee gardens and bee-friendly cover crops ensuring they have food all year round.

In addition, our bug hotels and predator havens assist indigenous pollinators and pest predators to thrive in our orchards.


By staying abreast of best practices and using the latest technology we are ensuring that we use our water resources responsibly. The use of probes to monitor water requirements and penetration ensures that we only irrigate our orchards when needed.

We also utilize interrow cover crops which assist with water penetration, retention and evaporation making sure that what we apply goes where it is needed, into the soil. Our cover crops have the added benefit of supporting pollinator and pest control predators. This practice encourages an independent natural ecosystem which reduces our need for water, soil additives, and chemical inputs.


In the undeveloped areas of our farms, Agristar preserves ecological and wildlife havens. Besides the natural vegetation in these areas, wildlife is encouraged as natural grazers and browsers of the bushveld.

There are three crowned eagle nests within the eco-reserves of Agristar’s farms and it is very rewarding to continuously monitor the nests and work with BirdLife South Africa to ensure these wonderful birds of prey are looked after.

Visit https://agristareagles.co.za to learn more.