As a responsible South African company, Agristar identified the need to proactively form part of inclusive rural transformation in the agricultural sector.

To achieve this, we have partnered with several communities on commercial-scale macadamia farming projects. These community farming projects allow us to share our extensive knowledge of the production of macadamias and in so doing create stand-alone and commercially successful agri-businesses.

These community partnerships not only operate as commercially successful agri-businesses but leverage off Agristar’s sustainability philosophy. This develops their own sustainability framework, allowing for significantly positive socio-economic upliftment to take place within the immediate and greater surrounding communities.

These community partnerships, for example, not only directly employ community members, but also run their own AgriSETA accredited learnership programmes. They have the same employee wellness programme as the Agristar Group and focus heavily on education and skills development within the community.


Agristar is a founding member, farming partner, and sponsor of the RecruitAgri initiative.

Together with other leading producers, we identified the need for new graduates entering the field of agriculture to gain valuable practical experience. Thus, RecruitAgri was conceptualized.

RecruitAgri is focused on providing young emerging farmers with the practical skills to complement their theoretical knowledge. In this way, the new farmers are equipped with the experience they need to enter the job market and be successful.

The year-long programme follows a set curriculum focusing on two of South Africa’s fastest-growing tree crops, macadamia nuts and avocado pears.

The programme continues to grow and Agristar is excited to have a hand in training the farmers of tomorrow.


Agristar encourages all our staff to get involved in the upliftment of the communities we operate in. Through volunteer days our staff give back and make a difference to the future stars of agriculture.

The Agristar volunteers focus on improving the facilities at schools and creches in our surrounding communities. This includes upgrades to basic services like running water, as well as providing access to playgrounds and initiatives like the Santa’s Shoebox project.

We will continue to identify needs in our communities and volunteer time and resources to make improvements.