Agristar has a portfolio of farms in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. We are proud to have developed all our farms ourselves, from the ground up. This allows for the best cultivar selection, best micro-climates selection, best soil selection, and a sustainable water management strategy.

We have a holistic approach to farming, using integrated farm management techniques. From seed to shelf we ensure a high standard in every step of our production. We believe that quality starts from the ground up, even before our trees go into the soil.

We constantly monitor soil health through regular visual inspection and laboratory soil analysis. Our dedicated scouting teams alert us to any potential pest problems and our farmers are in the orchards every day. In this way, we can react as proactively as possible to any situation before it affects our trees and nuts.

The use of cover crops, regular mulching and water monitoring technology allow us to keep soil moisture at the ideal levels whilst optimizing our water resources.